Just wanted to learn about how web hooks work and more about API integrations. Happened to have a silly domain name lying around.AUC LOL is a simple (confession) form where students can go, put in their major, year, and message, and data is then transmitted through the make webhook, transformed, and is automatically posted anonymously to @Auclol on X(formerly twitter).


Currently Building...
AFNO shop is a simple e-commerce page builder for businesses in Nepal with a slick WhatsApp integration. Customers and sellers can stay connected starting from product inquiries, order confirmation, online payments, delivery, and post-sale support.
Sellers set their own rules and own their customer data.


A representation of my commitment towards the Truth and Free Speech. AUChat is an anonymous message board exclusively for students from my College (AUC) built on Bubble by me with some help from Fiverr.

Boston College

I went on Exchange to Boston College for the fall of 2023.Interesting to see and learn about how the USA behaves and things differently from the rest of the world. Oh and my brother lived there, so yeah, comfy and FUNNN!

Koseli Foundation

Briefly spent time at Koseli during my summer break back in Nepal.Was supposed to teach the kids there but instead spent time trying to observe and learn from there.Got a lot of perspective on how life is not the same for all of us, and the different challenges people face from an early age and have to fight through it.Show me one who is sick and yet happy, in peril and yet happy, dying and yet happy, in exile and happy, in disgrace and happy. By the gods I would fain see a Stoic.

Forward Inc.

Worked as a student consultant for a startup incubator in Amsterdam.Though the entrepreneur I was helping dropped out later, I learned a lot about the global landscape of people wanting to build ideas.Helped mostly with what I am super passionate about...Payments and Digital Banking (I know it's weird, but trust me it's super cool).


Served as Head of Acquisition (Still can't spell it) and Treasurer for TEDx for my college AUCollege.Worked with a stellar team, and an exceptional board. Managed to raise €2000, though failed to reach the target amount.

Amsterdam University College

Got an offer and accepted the move to Amsterdam to study Liberal arts and Science at AUC.Learning how to think for "liberal arts"= training for the free men (liber) who were above having a profession or a "job title".Received the ASF Grant which covers full Tuition, Rent, Insurance, and a few others.

Beedesh Edu

A fun little project to help students study abroad specifically in India.Ironic, cause I myself did not, but that is due to the sweet AUC offer. Wanted to armor students from the "study abroad consultancy" mud to poor quality universities abroad, just for the sake of going abroad.Helped a single student pick a design degree, and sunset the project since I moved to Amsterdam.

University College Utrecht

One of the most challenging times in my life. Left home for the first time, and had to figure shit out on my own in a foreign land.Was interested in studying liberal arts and science, and UCU offered a neat little blend of it.My first major introduction to Philosophy, and a major restructuring of the way I think and perceive the world.What progress you ask have i made? I have begun to be a friend to myself.

Kendriya Vidyalaya Kathmandu

Studied here from grade 6 to 12.Good times, made friends for life. Probably a crucial period that set up my initial worldview.Oh and, didn't study much at school. The after-school tuition is where the magic and, mostly Guff happened.

JYLP University of Melbourne

Went for a two-week-long program to Australia for summer school at Trinity College, University of Melbourne.The program was by JITO Australia in collaboration with the University.Went on fun trips, and corporate visits to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Gold coast.


Been taking pictures for a while now. Though this is when it all started.Played around with different styles of photography, colors, and different perspectives.Probably when I started to develop an appreciation and an eye for exquisite design.

Coffee School

Was super interested in Coffee so did a short course to become a barista in Nepal.Never really worked as a barista, but you can still catch me talking about coffee all the time.Even made a skillshare course on it once. heheProbably the desire to learn the fundamentals about anything I am interested in started here.

Still sooooo much more

The point of this website is just for me to highlight a few things I can recall.This does not capture what is truly important i.e. the people I have met along the way. Without them, without you, all of it is in vain.I'd love to get in touch with you. If not;I hope you win the battles you tell no one about :)